Vest (long) - grey wool

Men's long vest from fantastic grey wool, statement piece ideal for layering. Finished with dark blue knit binding on sides and sleeve openings, the vest is all in dark tones, easy to combine with most of men's clothing, from sweaters to jackets. 

Styling tip: the vest is perfect just as it is, open at front, over jacket or sweater. Can be styled with brooch or belt, especially for women.

This vest can be made for woman as well, then the sizing is different, as well as the distance between arm openings.

Men's vest: length 130cm // 51" (with around 10cm // 4" of it folded at back neck)
Women's vest: length 120cm // 47" (with around 10cm // 4" of it folded at back neck)

The vest is made of wool with hair, so it does leave it (especially on darker garments), but this is not major. Just want you to be aware of it :)

Care: only professional clean, can be ironed on low from inside, or hang it on hanger and steam with iron. Wool itself has amazing characteristic - it doesn't get dirty so fast like other materials, so the cleaning once a season is plenty.

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