Silk bolo bow tie #22

In this bolo bow tie I combined two of my favourites in the way that I only took from each what I actually like about them. Bolos are American cowboys thing, which might be little too much for me, but I love the simplicity of accessory just hanging on your neck. I love bow ties too, but the construction is good only for shirts, under collar. By combining of these two you have accessory for men as well for women, looking great with shirt or just tshirt, very comfortable to wear.

Fits perfectly with office outfits, tight it under the collar over buttoned up shirt, giving smart look. For more casual look, wear over halter top or any top showing your shoulders like any other necklace, with bow tight to neck or loosen down.

These bolo bow ties are made from sample neck ties, silk ones, finished with reclaimed leather. Back slide is regular bolo slide and tips are original bolo tips. Each design comes in very limited amount, around 3-4 pieces.

This listing is for one bolo bow tie.

This bolo bow tie: B22
♦ Colors: striped blue vintage silk, dark blue leather, grey bolo cord, bolo cords
♦ Length: 10cm // 4"
♦ Care: if needed, professional clean only

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