Coat SASHA (L/40)

Crop coat combining vintage teal/brown blend with striped texture (tapestry kind), vintage embroidery from 70's and vintage ribbons. Fully lined, it has two inside pockets in side hems (we couldn't fit pockets into front panel, since material is too thick for it. The pockets are probably a bit towards back for arm resting, but they still can accommodate a lot).

Styling tip: cropped coat looks good with high waist skirts or pants, finish your look with a lot of bangles, they will look great with 3/4 sleeves!

Body measurements:
L/40: bust 92cm/36"

Garment measurements:
L/40: length 53cm/21" - sleeve length 51cm/20" - shoulder to shoulder 43cm/16.5"

Find size S/36 HERE

Find size M/38 HERE

Care: only professional care, treat super gently. The fabric itself is very delicate and woven in strange way - it is heavier and strong, yet the threads on it are delicate, sort of wrapped vertically around thicker cords. Please do take a special care, once a thread is loose, it cannot be cut, only cleared into fabric with needle. 

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