BARTINKI x PLETKA bomber jacket collab

by Martina Marekova June 10, 2018

Bomber jackets became one of those pieces, where can be everything combined - especially when you have plenty of colourful materials with different textures. So when we were considering the collab for local competition with Pletka, we went for a bomber.

Bartinki x Pletka bombera jacket collab

Pletka are girls from studion next to mine and then knit and knit and knit. They sew to and recently started with macrame. You can imagine my hype! 

Bartinki x Pletka bombera jacket collab

Collab was pretty easy - we sat down with Zuzana, picked materials from fabric and doilies to wool for knit, combined them, changed our design few times, agreed what it should look like and there we went. First Zuzana made sleeves, combining leftovers from other projects, all in colours matching the back of the jacket.

Bartinki x Pletka bombera jacket collab

Then I finished bomber and sewn it together, basically pretty much the same way like usually we do. The brown body is made from old and damaged material from a communist era in Czechoslovakia, doilies and embroidery at the back are from flea markets in Holland and second hands from Slovakia, some of them in original colour, some of them dyed. Jacket is fully lined since lining is more pleasant for skin.

Bartinki x Pletka bombera jacket collab

We entered the competition - and we didn't win :(

But we are still pretty pleased about our product - except zipper and labels it's a fully upcycled jacket made with a personal care and a lot of attention to detail. And it's available HERE.

Photos by Vidlo Gouchedem

Model (our favourite) Lydia Petrusova 


Martina Marekova
Martina Marekova


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S/36 84cm/33" 66cm/26" 90cm/35.5"
M/38 88cm/34.5" 70cm/27.5" 94cm/37"
L/40 92cm/36" 74cm/29" 98cm/39"
XL/42 96cm/38" 78cm/30.5" 102cm/40.5
XXL/44 100cm/39.5" 82cm/32" 106cm/42"


The actual measurement around the fullest part of the bust, not your bra size. For bust size measure around your chest at the fullest point not wearing a padded bra. Make sure to go under your arms.


Measure around the smallest part of your waist with one finger between your body and the measuring tape.


Do this one in front of the mirror - measure around the widest point of your hips (front view) and be sure to include your bum. Stand with your feet and legs together and try to keep the measuring tape level to the ground while it circles your body.

This is our default standard sizing.
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